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Whet up an Absolut appetite with Harry's Elyx Surf and Turf Burger

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The Elyx Surf and Turf burger comes with a side of Harry's Spiced Fries.

Invigorate your palate with a taste of the best of both worlds of seafood and meat - Harry’s special edition of vodka-infused Elyx Surf and Turf Burger ($26), a playful rendition of our crowd favourite, the Harry’s Jazz burger.

The Elyx Surf and Turf Burger is a combination of pan-seared wagyu beef patty and sauté tiger prawns tossed in Bloody Mary cocktail sauce infused with Absolut Elyx vodka, with a side of Spiced Fries.

And don't miss out on getting the Absolut Elyx vodka which will be available at at $149 per bottle (U.P. $180) for 2 consecutive months from September to October.

Absolut Elyx vodka, orange peel liqueur, grenadine pomegranate, soda.

Drinkers feeling particularly adventurous can sip on the Elyx Blood Lemonade ($15), an artfully crafted cocktail where the tang of pomegranate juice from the grenadine syrup adds a depth of flavor to the vodka.